What our 2–3 1/2 year olds are learning.

Our 2–3 1/2 Year Old Preschool Development Program.


Our preschool is an active place for children ages 2 to 3 1/2 years old. We accept children that are not “potty trained” in this class. We keep a low teacher to student ratio so we can concentrate on each child’s stage of development. In addition to socialization in the preschool environment, we also teach our students the following skills.

Language Arts

  • Recognizing upper and lower case alphabet
  • Recognizing their names
  • Understanding the calendar, knowing months of the year & days of the week
  • Identifying colors
  • Identifying basic shapes
  • Developing vocabulary, listening skills and attention span (through listening to books at story time, flannel board stories, etc.)
  • Developing the ability to translate personal thoughts, recall events, and verbalize them into sentences

Social-Emotional Development

  • Developing a positive self-image and creativity
  • Learning to interact, share, and cooperate with a peer group
  • Learning to identify feelings in oneself and others


  • Recognition of numbers 1 – 10 and introducing numbers 1-30
  • Introducing basic math concepts such as patterning, sorting, and classifying (through exploration of tangible objects such as beads, puzzles, manipulatives, etc.)

Art & Crafts

  • Learning to use art as a means of self expression
  • Expressing feelings and ideas
  • Developing creativity and imagination
  • Fostering an appreciation for various art forms


  • Developing a sense of rhythm and auditory memory
  • Sequence used in instruments and song
  • Able to explore cause and effect

Science / Social Studies

  • Developing the curiosity necessary to wonder why, what, when, where, and how, through hands-on projects
  • Developing an awareness of the world around them
  • Learning Seasons, Safety, Community Service, Transportation, Mammals, Insects and Dinosaurs

Fine Motor Development

  • Fostering hand/eye coordination and pre-writing skills (through experiences using crayons, chalk, brushes, tearing, pasting, stringing, molding, etc.)
  • Increasing skills connected with daily practical experiences (such as dressing, buttoning, hanging coats, eating with a spoon or fork.)
  • Developing small muscle control (through manipulative play, interlocking blocks, finger plays, puzzles)

Gross Motor Development

  • Fostering the ability to run, gallop, jump, hop, skip and throw through participation in individual / group games and playground activities
  • Developing balance, coordination and self-expression by involvement in musical exercises, games and outside play

2–3 1/2 Year Old Goals

  • To become self-sufficient in using the bathroom
  • Learn to care for and be responsible for school toys and personal belongings
  • Begin to recognize some alphabet letters and sounds
  • Begin to count and recognize numbers 1-10
  • Begin to recognize their first name
  • Begin to recognize the 8 basic colors
  • Begin to recognize basic shapes
  • Introduction to days of the week and months of the year
  • Introduction to small and large motor skills
  • Learn how to play with each other in a kind and loving manner
  •  Learn to resolve problems with friends
  • Be exposed to various stories from the Bible
  • Learn to get up in front of people by leading chapel experiences

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